After seeing that slogan for Leader of the Pack, Corps I knew that Lori Chandler was going to be my kind of person. Anyone who loves and works with dogs like she does – training them, socializing them and “maintaining leadership through exercise and affection” is the person I want to help me with (my), my dogs problems. Dealing with owners like me who just don’t get it when it comes to training a dog, it’s a wonder that she is not concerned more about the dog’s sanity! But, being human herself she is loyal to her species and shrugs it off by explaining to our pets that someday we will be able to understand what they are trying to tell us. The fact that we had the good sense to call Lori to educate us about our dog is a big step toward a new and wonderful relationship with him. What I found is that it’s us dog owners who have most of the problems, not having a clue as to why our dogs behave the way they do, well, I’ll let Lori tell you all about it – she is Rim Country’s “Dog Whisperer”

My dog Duke toweling off after a swimBut first, just a brief history: My dog Duke is a 4 year-old Chocolate Lab adopted from the Payson shelter here in Payson, Arizona about a year and a half ago. You may have read about our struggle to save his life starting the day after we adopted him. He is the star of the show here at My Baby Pet and he is a wonderful dog! He just needed some help with being too exuberant with guests and coming to grips with a terrible separation anxiety.

Lori’s company, Leader Of The Pack, Corps offers traditional obedience training, behavioral therapy (leadership) training and CGC/TDI certification (Canine Good Citizen/Therapy Dog International), with agility classes, and help for just about any other problem you might encounter with a dog. She has 12 dogs of her own, all rescues, she donates her time at the local animal shelter, using a unique approach – she teaches training techniques in a free class that uses the shelters dogs to demonstrate her methods. This gives the dog a leg up when he or she is adopted and also eliminates the apprehension of bringing the family dog to the shelter.

Lori believes that you must first “achieve and maintain leadership through exercise, discipline, then affection, as prescribed by Cesar Millan (the Dog Whisperer). She is gentle, patient and after just one session, ole Duke is a whole lot better. I can’t think of a better endorsement for Lori other than we are scheduled for another session next week!

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