Any individual that lives with a dog will have experienced his great capability to pre-empt what is coming by the tiniest clue.

From the instant I am getting up in the morning our dogs expect their morning walk. They do not however start to ask to go out before my own morning routine is complete. The dogs after toileting in the garden return to the house and return to sleep. Breakfast is eaten, the table cleared then they start to show interest. Ears prick up only as the door opens into the porch where walking shoes are kept. Coats are put on and the dogs know that it is time for their walk. On a weekend the dogs know that the day does not begin so quickly. Often none dog walking shoes are worn. No excitement is shown. They know the shoes.

As a dog owner you will definitely have experienced similar behaviour from your canine mate. It could be that they lead directly to their bowl at meal times or when you mention the word dinner. The routine of retiring to bed is had a meeting with madness because they are expecting their biscuit. The word right or the closing of a laptop PC may be a preface to their walk. Just as positive dog training relies on reward and reinforcement so is your dog’s everyday learning.

The linking of human behaviours is a skill that most dogs do easily. You pick up a bowl and they know they will be fed. You put on a specific coat and they know its walk time. You pack a bag they know you are leaving for some time. Office attire provoke no excitement because your dog knows you aren’t taking him.

As a dog owner it is entertaining to watch how far back your dog’s chain of recognition goes. Witnessing the interest they show in anything you do will probably surprise you. A dog in the home potentially knows your habits far better than you can imagine. He’s going to show increased interest when he believes that a behaviour you are carrying out could benefit him in some way.


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