Pet Dog Attacked By Shark

ISLAMORADA, FL — You may not have seen this story last week depending on where you live, in my paper (The Arizona Republic) it was buried in the back pages with only a small picture and a caption. I think Cammy Clark did the best job with her story in the Miami Herald, Owner Saves Dog From Shark’s Jaws. But then, those Florida folks know how to appreciate their sharks, don’t they!

A Fine Example Of Man Saving Dog

Jake the dog and GregThis is a story about a man and man’s best friend, his dog. In this case a dog named Jake, a shelter dog adopted by Greg LeNoir, a finish carpenter living in Florida. And it’s another shining example of just how much we value our pets, thinking of them, not just as pets, but as beloved members of the family, and the things us humans are capable of doing when our pets lives are threatened. After all, that’s what they do for us isn’t it? Well, Greg LeNoir loves his 14-pound dog rat terrier so much that, ignoring his own safety, he came to the rescue of his 22 month-old dog who was helplessly clamped in the jaws of man’s worst aquatic enemy, the shark. What other beast on this planet has the ability to strike more terror in human hearts than the shark? Anyone remember JAWS?!  

Man Says No To Shark Attacking Dog

This is what happened in a nutshell: A guy and his dog, out for their daily swim, blue sky, clear, warm water, just another beautiful day in Florida when all of a sudden, pandemonium! From out of the depths of the ocean near the Bayside Marina Pier, a shark attacks! It grabs poor little Jake with it’s gaping jaws and dives for the deep, already salivating over the fine morsel he has snagged from the surface. But wait! Seeing his sweet dog Jake in the jaws of a hungry shark, Greg screams “NOoooo!, not my dog!”, and dives to the rescue. What Greg did then is truly amazing, he did the only thing he could think of that might make the shark release Jake, he began pounding on the shark’s head with his balled-up fists, just as hard as he could, later telling reporters that it was “like pounding on concrete.”

A Man Who Really Loves His Dog

The shark finally let’s go of Jake, and bleeding profusely, he pops to the surface and swims frantically toward shore, Greg follows through a trail of blood that by this time is driving the shark into a thrashing frenzy. He’s mad, his meal has been stolen, he has a migraine headache from all of Greg’s pounding, the intoxicating (to sharks) scent of blood is in the water and tasty prey is within a swish of his tail. Remember when you were a kid and the monster was reaching out for you in the dark, you just knew you were going to be grabbed from behind. Well, Greg had to be feeling the same sort of terror, trying to get himself and Jake out of the water with a hungry shark at his heels, hackles rising with each stroke, thinking that he could be chomped on and dragged under at any moment. Man, that is one brave dog-lover!

A Dog Worth Fighting For

Jake was severely bitten by the shark and suffered near critical injuries but is now recovering nicely thanks to the extraordinary actions of his master Greg LeNoir and the Florida veterinarians that worked on him. I know that Greg did what he did without thinking and I would like to think I would have done the same for my dog. (jeez, anything but a shark!) Think of your dog, and how much you love him (or her), would you have done like Greg LeNoir did for Jake, unhesitatingly lept into shark infested waters to save his dog? 

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