Arizona Physician Sews Pet Beds In Her Spare Time 

I saw this article in the Arizona Republic Newspaper written by Kelsey Perry and as an animal lover myself and the owner of a shelter dog I would like to take this opportunity to appeal to my readers to send in their fabric donations. If you find the thought of providing a shelter animal with warmth and comfort as I do you will want to help this very worthy cause – read on.

Physician sews pet beds for animal sheltersIncredible as it may sound this practicing physician from Mesa, Arizona somehow finds the time to sew pet beds for animal shelters. Thousands of pets may be awaiting adoption but this animal loving doctor is trying to make their stay a bit cozier. Arizona is certainly no different in terms of a swelling pet population putting a strain on shelter staffs but is indeed fortunate to have this animal lover living here. Phyllis Popp, owner of  Labor of Love Pet Beds, has made nearly 900 pet beds for the Arizona Humane Society, Maricopa County Animal Care & Control and Finding Fido of Phoenix.

A Pillow Any Pet Will Love

The fiber-filled fleece beds are machine washable, come in three sizes, a variety of patterns and guaranteed not to mat or clump. Donated beds are provided for the animals in the Arizona Humane Society’s Second Chance Hospital, which is home to animals that have been hit by cars or suffered other injuries. Having slept on old towels or ratty blankets they can now appreciate their Labor of Love Bed. The beds are also given to foster families who temporarily care for animals and are sold at the Arizona Humane Society’s Pet Emporium for $25 each. 

Donate Your Unused Fabrics For Pet Beds 

Dr. Popp cuts coupons and shops for deals at Arizona fabric stores and online in order to afford her hobby. Her day job as a practicing physician puts a severe strain on the amount of time she can devote to her cause but she produces beds on the weekends and after work. She could sure use some cool fabrics if you would like to help her out. Having spent thousands on materials to make these pet beds she is not looking to get rich or even make a profit. She takes the money she makes from the sale of a bed and uses it to create more beds to donate.

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