Pet gates are used to confine our pet to certain areas of the home, or to keep them from restricted areas where they might be in danger or where mommy just doesn’t want them to go, such as bathrooms and the kitchen. Pet gates can be a better alternative to simply closing a door to restrict or confine your Pet.

Pet gates that open are an ideal way to keep your pet out of restricted areas, while still making it easy for you to go from room to room. Many pet gates are also portable, allowing you to easily move the gate to fit your needs, such as gating the dog in a room with you while you watch a movie.

Select a gate, keep in mind your specific needs as well as the size of your dog. The width of the gates are adjustable while the height is usually not. Select a gate tall enough that your dog cannot bunny hop over it. Pet gates are designed especially for wide doorways or hallways, they feature side extensions that you can adjust to fit your needs. The latched door lets you go in or out easily…so you don’t have to take the extended pet gate down or perform acrobatics to get over it!
Most pet gates are extremely easy to install. Some gates feature pressure mounts, which require you only to fit the gate tightly inside a doorframe or room entrance. Some feature wall mounts, which require you to screw hardware to a wall or doorframe.

And finally, when choosing a gate, be sure to select one that withstands your dog’s size and behavior. Make sure that the gate cannot be tipped over/opened when your dog leans on and does not have widely spaced slats in which your dog could get his head stuck.


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