Publicity events took place across the UK, including: Newton Abbott, Northwich, Stroud, Birmingham, Falmouth, Sidcup, Bangor (North Wales), Ayr, Berwick, Reading, Glasgow, Spalding, Stevenage, Leeds, Liverpool, Cardiff, Bromley, Cambridge, Southend, Bournemouth, Aberdeen, Bude, Winchester, Enfield, Exeter, Taunton, Hastings, Sheffield, Bristol, Brighton, Newcastle, Hove, Nottingham, Wellingborough, Uxbridge, Peterborough. These were supported by campaigns across the USA, Ireland, Italy, Belgium, Canada and Mexico. Here are some of the inspiring reports from the dedicated activists who have united in protest at P&G’s needless animal abuse:

Robin Carling in Bristol: ‘I’ve spent the day going round Bristol to various shops. I’ve been into as many supermarkets as I could get to, putting leaflets on shelves with P&G products, filling trolleys with P&G products and leaflets then leaving them, and handing leaflets to anyone who went to buy a P&G product. Most people were surprised by the leaflets, and afterwards put down what they were buying and found alternative products, a reaction which I was very happy to see.’ In North Wales, Penelope Neeve displayed posters and leaflets around the Bangor University campus and town.

Lauren Watson in Brighton: ‘I did my best and put the posters up all over Brighton at bus stops, all around the pier…and I put the leaflets in all the local shops and newsagents – everyone (apart from co-op) were really good about taking them.’

Lauren Hollas in Southend: ‘Just to let you know that our Information stall for Boycott Proctor and Gamble day went really well in Southend on Sea. Lots of passing shoppers stopped to find out why we were there and took leaflets and signed the petitions. A photographer from a local newspaper also came down and took a photo and there was an article in the local paper, the Evening Echo.’

Justine of Bedford Animal Action in Stevenage: ‘To mark this year’s Global Day of Action against Procter and Gamble Campaigners from Bedford Animal Action held an information stall in Stevenage town centre. The weather was very cold and showery. Despite this when the weather did hold out we had a good response from the passing public, both young and old alike. We gathered plenty of petition signatures and distributed lots of leaflets and ‘Boycott P & G’ carrier bags. Hopefully this has raised awareness of the fact that the companies behind some of our best known brands still continue to use cruel animal experiments for the development of toiletries and household products – a practice which is completely unnecessary and nothing but barbaric in this day and age.’

Donna and Partner in Peterborough: ‘My Partner & I stood for just over two hours in rainy Peterborough city centre yesterday (Saturday 8th). We gained some interest, although people were not willing to stop due to the weather which is a pity. Nevertheless, we didn’t stop there. We both went into Asda and filled up a trolley each, stuffed to the brim with P&G stuff and did the same in Tesco superstore (serpentine). Let’s hope with everyone’s efforts, there has been some changed or informed minds out of this.’

Sue in Hove: Weather stayed more or less dry for 2 hours and we set up a small table in George St Hove (pedestrianised). I produced some petitions and response from the public to the info was good.’

Holly in Nottingham: ‘It was a positive day with support from members of the public. We spent 2 hours in Nottingham Market Square and 2hours outside the main branch of Boots. The stall got a couple of paragraphs in the Nottingham Evening Post and it also appeared in the news bulletin of BBC Radio Nottingham. We did an interview, which they took a few soundbites from, but they also got a quote from P&G which is great because they will be aware they are getting bad PR.’

Judith in Glasgow for Clydeside Animal Action: ‘P&G boycott day went really well, gave out loads of leaflets and asked people to return the postcards to P&G to let them know they are boycotting their products. Spoke to a young girl who worked in a pet shop, the manager there stocks Iams. Anyway the girl was horrified and is going to report back to her boss – hopefully she will be compassionate enough to change her stock! So hopefully a positive outcome!’

Jan Yarker and Passive Pressure in Bromley: ‘Really pleased with the response despite the rain.’

Sharon in Exeter: ‘We had a successful day despite the cold, wet weather. We had a rabbit handing out leaflets to passers-by, and 2 shopping baskets on our table: one with a cross containing P&G goods and one with a tick containing cruelty-free alternatives. We got rid of all the leaflets and the response from the public was overwhelmingly positive – as always, people were surprised and shocked to hear the truth about all those familiar everyday brands. People were understandably keen to know where they can buy alternative products, so the little mini booklets with the product lists were much in demand. We also got lots of signatures on the P&G and Herbal Essences petition sheets.’

Lynn from the Aberdeen Group Told us: ‘Our stall for the Global Boycott P&G Day was a great success. I spent an hour and a half leafleting and we had a good team of leafletters that day as well as the stall which generated a lot of interest. We got through almost all of the leaflets which I ordered from you so I’m hoping that we made a difference and heightened people’s awareness of animal testing in general as well as persuading them to boycott P&G.’In Falmouth, Uncaged organisers Dan and Ang joined with Cornwall SAFE for a marathon all-day Boycott P&G Campaign in cold and blustery conditions. It was an amazingly effective event, reaching thousands of people and creating keen interest in the town, with local business contacting us afterwards to help promote the boycott. Lorraine Parker and June Holder took to the streets of Cardiff on Global Boycott P&G Day 2010. They were very active, giving out leaflets and informing the general public about the cruelty caused to animals for the sake of the ‘Herbal Essences’ hair care brand. They report: ‘Passers-by, particularly young people, were horrified to discover the cruel animal tests behind a brand like Herbal Essences. One student told Lorraine that she thought their products were all plant-based because their packaging advertised the word ‘Herbal’.

She was equally distressed by the fact that they used rodents to carry out the testing on. Having mice and hamsters as pets herself, and knowing how cute they are, she promised to contact Herbal Essences immediately.’ Karen Hoyland and two friends held a stall on Newcastle high street with posters, leaflets and petitions: ‘The pocket guide of Procter and Gamble products was the most popular item and we managed to hand out a lot of your leaflets to each person who approached the stall, some of whom were really keen to learn more.’

Biteback in Antwerp, Belgium. Marianne Reports: ‘The whole-day during demo went very well. Activists from Bite Back Belgium placed themselves in a mock-up restraining device and traded places with the P&G lab bunnies, with red paint under their eyes and with their head stuck through. Hundreds of leaflets were handed over to the shoppers who were very interested in our demo. And this is the busiest shopping street of Belgium, the Meir in the centre of Antwerp.

Laura from National Animal Rights Association, Dublin: ‘We were on Westmoreland Street, Dublin 2, for 3 hours and distributed a ton of leaflets. The new little booklets in particular went in no time at all! Many people stopped to sign the petition and pledged not to buy P&G products. Surprisingly, quite a number of those who stopped at our table didn’t think animal testing still went on! So it was a great opportunity to discuss the issue and gain more P&G boycott participants.’

Estefania in Puebla, Mexico: ‘I went with 2 friends to the downtown area in Puebla – there are always tourists and a loooot of people! We distributed leaflets and collected signatures (in this moment I have 64 signatures against P&G!). We also put leaflets in buses, around the city and in P&G products in supermarkets. Of course we filled trolleys too!!! When people saw the leaflets, they were like ‘omg! I buy this, I’m not going to anymore!!!’ And the best thing is that some people wanted leaflets and sheets in order to distribute leaflets and collect signatures in their works, schools, houses.

Tony Carr, In Defense of Animals, USA: ‘I just wanted to let you know that we spread the word about P&G Day and that we got a lot of responses about it, including an article on the Obama administration’s blog collection. We’ve received such a large influx (or outcry) regarding this issue!

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