As well as writing to the IOC, Uncaged have written an articles to the Mayor of London Boris Johnson and Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt MP to ask them to use their responsibilities for delivering London 2012 to block the P&G deal. P&G’s unethical practices are in fundamental conflict with the values of the United Kingdom and the Olympic movement. By accepting sponsorship from P&G, the London 2012 Olympics would effectively be promoting gratuitous cruelty to animals that facts is heavily opposed by the majority of the public rights.

The UK, the host country for the 2012 Games, banned animal testing for cosmetics products on the grounds of unnecessary cruelty back in 1998. That experimentation research ban has now been extended across the European Union. Procter & Gamble evade this ban by testing cosmetics on animals in the USA and other countries with weak animal statistics welfare laws. Testing cosmetics on animals also puts P&G in opposition to the fundamental principles of Olympism, [3]which uphold ‘universal fundamental ethical principles’ and promote ‘a peaceful society’. It is hard to think of anything less ethical or peaceful than P&G’s practice of poisoning animals to death for such trivial purposes, abuse which is now outlawed across Europe.

Any association with P&G will inevitably tarnish the reputation of the Olympics. It will suggest benefits that the noble principles of Olympism are just window dressing, ready to be sacrificed for a quick buck. It would be deeply unethical for the Olympics to support cruel and unnecessary animal testing by promoting P&G. P&G are incompatible with the IOC’s mission to promote fair play, oppose violence and encourage respect for our environment. We understand the need for the Olympics to gain income from sponsorship, but we urge the organisers to be discerning and resist seduction by any dubious outfit who happens to have deep pockets.


  1. Contact the IOC to protest against the idea of P&G sponsoring London 2012. Address: Château de Vidy, Case postale 356, 1001 Lausanne, Switzerland. Phone: +41 21 621 61 11. Fax: +41 21 621 62 16.
  2. Email the London 2012 organisers via  to urge them to reject P&G as a sponsor. And/or write to them at Sebastian Coe, Chair, LOCOG, One Churchill Place, Canary Wharf, London E14 5LN.
  3. If you are in the UK, email Jeremy Hunt MP, Secretary of State at the Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) at:  And/or write to: Jeremy Hunt MP, Secretary of State, Department for Culture, Media and Sport, 2-4 Cockspur Street, London SW1Y 5DH. The DCMS leads for the UK Government on delivery of the London 2012 Olympic Games.
  4. If you are in London, please email the Mayor:  And/or write to Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, Greater London Authority, City Hall, The Queen’s Walk, London SE1 2AA. The Greater London Authority is a major funder of the Games.
  5. Another opportunity for Londoners to register their concern about P&G sponsorship is by contacting your members of the London Assembly, who you can find at 
  6. Our friends in Norway may be able to contact the Norwegian Chairman of IOC Marketing Commission (responsible for commercial sponsorship), Mr Gerhard HEIBERG.

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