We are a peaceful animal protection pressure group based in Sheffield, England. Our main campaigns are against animal experiments (vivisection); against xenotransplantation (animal to human transplants); for animal rights and for democratic action on world animal issues through the electoral system.

The UK Government annual statistics reveal that over 2.7 million animals suffer and die in British laboratories in experiments that “may cause pain, suffering, distress and lasting harm” (experiments that are considered unlikely to cause pain do not need to be licensed and are therefore not included in the annual statistics). An estimated additional 8 million animals are bred and then destroyed as surplus to requirements. As well as mice, rats, hamsters, gerbils and guinea pigs (the bulk of experiments involve rodents), other animals such as rabbits, dogs, cats, monkeys, horses, cows, pigs, sheep, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and even insects are used – in fact there’s hardly a species that are not experimented on.Many different kinds of experiments take place – painful and lethal diseases are inflicted on animals; animals are isolated, starved, burned, blinded, poisoned, irradiated and they are still used to test a wide range of substances from food additives to cleaning products. All of the animals used in experiments are killed. After years of gradual decline recent statistics (from 2002 onwards) have shown a steady increase in the number of animal experiments taking place and the advent of genetic engineering threatens to continue this upward trend. 

Citizens stand with animal protection Society of durham our opposition to animal experiments is both ethical and scientific. Ethically speaking, to deliberately torture and take the life of another sentient creature, be they human or nonhuman, is an abuse of power. As a society we already recognise this and legal action can be taken against people who mistreat companion animals. Yet we don’t extend this level of protection agency or services to animals in laboratories. Scientifically speaking, experimentation on animals is a fundamentally flawed approach to learning about human biology and disease. Differences between the infinitely complex biological systems of different species of animals mean that data gained from experiments on nonhumans are an unreliable and dangerous guide to the human condition.Experiments on animals persist because of entrenched prejudices, both ethical and scientific. 

Since our formation in 1993, Uncaged has established an international reputation as a respected contributor to the debate on animal experimentation, and as a forthright and principled defender of animals. In addition to our work lobbying the UK Government to abolish animal experiments, we campaign in the international arena. We spearhead the Global Boycott of Procter & Gamble, we work with groups around the world who are protesting against xenotransplantation, and our campaign for animal rights has been supported by organisations across the globe as we aim to achieve the ratification of a Universal Declaration of Animal Rights by the United Nations.


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