Although the title may sound a bit pompous, it refers to a topic that held this week’s first pages of newspapers and was in prime time on TV. It’s the plundering of Transilvania Bank’s agency in Floresti, Cluj-Napoca. I do not want to advertise them, even though I’m a Banca Transilvania fan. I will try to be as objective as possible. I’m sure everyone wonders how it was possible for the bank to be robbed so easily, without starting alarms, without a security guard or security firm getting out, without the wall of the building and especially the vault to withstand. As a client, I would like to know and what measures will be taken in the future so that I can sleep peacefully knowing that my money is safe – the walls of the bank will be strengthened, a non-stop security firm, small bank, other measures.

The incident was unprecedented and I have heard rumors that the outer walls of at least two more banks in Romania are quite sensitive to penetrate. We have an image crisis situation. Laura Petrehus, PR and Marketing Officer BT has approached this crisis in a way that deserves praise and I want to congratulate her for her experience and priofesionalism. In solving a situation like this there are a few steps to follow that we findhere , from my point of view, communication and transparency towards the press and the public at large is essential. Money, according to the article, is the last one. The PR department of the bank has prompted promptly, even in the morning of the robbery being given a press release. A few days after the unfortunate happening, a second press release follows. The communique is a clear example of professional understanding between a journalist and a PR specialist, and that should be the case everywhere if the involved ones respect their responsibilities. 

Of course, not only is the relationship important, but also the quality of the information and how it is distributed. The fact that 2007 was the best year for BT, reporting a record profit is, of course, much more important information for the economic, business, financial than the robbery pages that can be covered after all. This is the Banca Transilvania brand. We know for sure what those pages were, and logically the bank has to cover them. The role of the press release is, on the other hand, to provide bank customers, partners, collaborators and audiences with no financial problems and their trust in BT should not be affected by a relatively minor incident. The only suspect of the robbery surrendered, you can read here to read about the bank’s profit and the fact that this unfortunate incident does not affect the good things.

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