When it comes to teaching your pets, especially your dogs, you may find the process a little easier said than done. Training your pet dog is never easy, especially if they happen to be a little grown up. The optimal age for training a dog would be when they happen to be a pup. This is primarily because the young pup can understand the rules better, and can grasp what to do and what not to do much more effectively.
Check out the various tips posted below on how to train your dog humanely.

Clicker: The “Clicker” is one of the most effective dogs training tools; most dog owners use the same in conjunction along with treats, and validation to get the message across. And while the myth goes that such form of clickers works only on young pups, in reality, they work on dogs of most ages and breeds. All you need to do is to issue the command, press the clicker so that your pup understands the command and follows through.

Validation: Have you heard other pet owners crooning to their pets about how good they are? Well, they are using positive validation to reaffirm their training. That’s a very useful trick, and in this manner, you can train your dog to behave in a specific manner and reaffirm the training with positive reaffirmation and validations. Of course, it would make sense to cap the training with a treat so that your pet knows that it had behaved appropriately.

Schedule your training time: You need to set yourself some time to train your pet. Whether you are teaching your dog to quit tearing the cushions or getting it to stop doing its business on the carpet, you need to set aside some time aside. Do remember that training does not happen overnight and it takes a while. But it is essential that you stay committed to training your dog, and continue the process uninterrupted.

Communication is the key: To get your dog trained well, it is vital that you can communicate well with your dog. Your dog essentially needs to understand what do to and what not to do, and if it senses your bad mood, it may not be in the right frame of mind to get ‘trained.’ So make sure that you continue to remain patient with your pet all the time – if it helps, imagine your pet is akin to a toddler, learning to walk for the first time. And as long as you are patient with your pet, you should be able to convey all the information and get your dog well-trained, in the process.

Immediate rewards: Dogs do not understand the concept of ‘delayed gratification,’ they need their rewards immediately. And that is why it makes sense to opt for a quick reward method since you can be sure that your pet would be able to pick up on the new trick immediately To train and reward your pet better, choose only authentic pet food and supplies.

Consistency: The one way to ensure that your pet gets trained faster, is to remain consistent as far as his training goes. It is essential that you stay consistent in your approach so that your pet can understand what you want and how you would want it.

These are some of the tips by which you can humanely train your dog. Just remember, that your pet needs love and care. Granted that there are various training organizations, which claim that they can teach your dog in a matter of days. But some of their training methods are less desirable, to say the least, and involves everything from dog collars to electric shocks. This is why you may want to review the tips posted above and get your dog trained humanely, with love and affection.

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